Setters and us

Our setter history goes back to 2009. We, that time university students, decided to get a dog. Our choice was Irish red setter, we were impressed with its majestic appearance, elegant figure and his character. We had no plans, we just want "partner", a friend to common life. It did not take a long time and we fall into a real setter life. We bought a whistle, started to learn how to practice working in field, we enter some dog shows... And every day we discovered how amazing friend setter is.

Our first dog, Eddie, has become basis piece of our "setter life". We choose him as a friend, with no previous experiences with setters, dog training or dogshows. He decided to change our life from the basis - so we fall in love with setters, and only thanks to him. Eddie showed us what setter can do and on the other hand, can be. We learned how to train temperament dogs, which has enormous hunting passion; Eddie showed us coexistence with setter in apartment, together we solve allknown feeding issues, resistance to rewards, commands... Thanks to him we saw beautiful pointing of wild pheasants or perfect fetching of ducks, hares or pheasants. Thanks to him we leave our apartment only with whistle around neck, thanks to him we have special freezer for meat for dogs, where we store frozen training pheasants for neverending hunting training... Eddie is simply our teacher.

Choosing of red and white puppy we thoroughly planned and think out. When we discovered a planned litter in neighboring Poland in unrelated breeding pair, litter, which would bring a new blood, new genetic base into Czech republic, then there was no doubt, we was decided. Thinking about this litter was very easy due to the fact that we had an opportunity to see future mother of our puppy with our own eyes and also the choice of stud dog, impressive, successful and healthy Exclusive's Gypsyboy... This choice was really great, because Cody is impressive dog with great character, playful and very smart.

It is wonderful to observe the difference of two nearly identical breeds, their behavior and intelligence. Our setters are the best that could have happened to us and we look forward to the next events, the next days, months and years, and the other additions to our family.